Daniel Sheehan and Sara Nelson on “Take Back Your Power” with Joy Binah

Santa Cruz CPZ Poem by Esther Frances, music and video by Chris Sherertz

“Tatanka’s Living Room,” performance in support of a Constitution Protection Zone, February 13th 2015

Santa Cruz Constitution Protection Zone Organizing Meeting, January 17th 2015

The Constitution Protection Zone discussed on Human Rights Here Now with Steve Pleich on Santa Cruz Community Television, December 2014

Daniel Sheehan, Chris Hedges, and Keith McHenry discussing the need for Constitution Protection Zones at the Chris Hedges’ event, November 23rd 2014

Clips from the “Constitution Under Water” Presentation with Constitutional Attorney Daniel Sheehan of the Romero Institute, April 3rd 2014

Daniel Sheehan introducing the idea of Constitution Protection Zones at Logos Bookstore Santa Cruz, September 25th, 2012

Kimberly Carter Gamble, Director, Producer, and Co-Writer of THRIVE speaking on the issue of creating Constitution Protection Zones

Naomi Wolf on RT speaking about the National Security State