State & Local Actions

State and local Resolutions

Groups most common in supporting NDAA resolutions:

PANDA (People Against National Defense Authorization Act)
Tenth Amendment Center
– Oath Keepers
Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Alaska NDAA Resolution passed (HB69-40)
Arizona NDAA resolution introduced (SB1291) (Summary) (Discussion)

Introduced by State Sen. Judy Burges.  Bill drafted by Adam Henrisksen (Tenth amendment center) & Dan Johnson (Founder of ‘People Against the National Defense Authorization Act’ or PANDAA)

Article: Arizona introduces strongest anit-NDAA bill in America out of committee

California NDAA resolution passed (AB 351)
Berkeley Resolution passed
Fair Fax Resolution passed
Santa Cruz Resolution in progress
San Francisco Resolution passed
Supported by Bill of Rights Defense Committee & Karen Korematsu
San Diego Resolution introduced*
Colorado State-bill: (HB 15-1114) Postponed “indefinetly”
Moffatt County NDAA resolution passed: Rick Barnes asked the committee to sign an anti-NDAA resolution

Article: Sheriff warned belligerent federal authorities that they would be arrested

Weld County NDAA resolution passed
Fremont County NDAA resolution passed, titled “Due Process resolution”

Article:  Three and counting: Colorado Counties rejecting NDAA

Miami Resolution introduced*
Georgia NDAA resolution introduced (HB 92)
By Reps: Allison, Cooke, Kelley, Dutton, and Dudgeon.
Idaho Resolution Introduced (S1349-45)
Iowa Resolution Introduced (HF2258-46)
Kansas State NDAA resolution (HB 2161) died on house floor.  Introduced by Reps: Hildabrand, Bradford, Claeys, Garber, Grosserode, Hedke, Houser, Howell, Montgomery, O’Brien, Peck, Petty, Read, Rothlisberg
Harper county NDAA resolution introduced: Pages 25-27 (item 5)
Massachusetts Resolution introduced (H. 1428-49)
Maine Resolution failed (HP 1397-53)
Portland Resolution introduced*
Maryland NDAA resolution failed  (HB 558)
Michigan State NDAA resolution passed. (HB 4138)
Act 228 (2013) Michigan legislature
Section 37.291 Michigan legislatureBill proposed by Reps: Tom McMillin, Irwin, Ananich, Foster, McBroom Shane Trejo (Tenth amendment center Coordinator) helped convince others to back Tom McMillin (2012 Version of bill)
 Allegan County NDAA resolution passed. Bill Sage (County Commissioner) referred the “Michigan liberty bill” to State Rep Tom McMillin

10th Amendment Center Article      The New American Article

 Oakland County NDAA resolution passed. (HB 5768)

PANDAA Video with clips of Hearing       Article

Missouri NDAA resolution failed (HB 57) Sponsored by Rep: Fitzpatrick
Montana NDAA resolution failed, (HB 522) vetoed by governor.
Sponsored by, Rep. Nicholas Schwaderer
Nevada NDAA resolution failed  (SB 378)
Las Vegas Resolution passed.  Endorsed by Bob Beers (R-18-2013)


New Hampshire NDAA resolution failed* (HB 0339)
New Mexico
Albuquerque Resolution introduced*
New York
Albany Resolution Passed. Resolution 80.92.13


Macomb Resolution passed
New York City Resolution introduced*
North Carolina NDAA resolution introduced (Introduced in 2012, but is unclear what happened) (HR 982)

Sponsored by Reps: Bradley, Pittman, Collins, Jordan

Alleghany County NDAA resolution passed
Local resident Dennis Smith cites media press conference held by Tenth Amendment Center & Bill of Rights Defense Committee.
Chapel Hill Resolution introduced*
Dunham Resolution introduced*
Raleigh Resolution introduced*
Oklahoma NDAA resolution failed  (HB 1487) Introduced by Rep. Ritze
Tulsa Resolution introduced*
Fulton County NDAA resolution passed
Elk County NDAA resolution passed. (pages 11-12)
Resolution requested by a Mr. Dornisch from the County Officials.
Lycoming County NDAA resolution introduced.
Sunbury City NDAA resolution passed.
Rhode Island
New Shoreham Resolution passed.  Introduced by Tenth Amendment Center, Blake Fillipi
County Minutes  (Section 1.)
South Carolina NDAA resolution passed.  (SB 92)
Tennessee NDAA resolution failed (See image top right in source) (HB 1059)
Texas NDAA resolution failed (See image top right in source) (HB 149)
Dallas Resolution introduced*
League City Resolution passed
Supported by Council Member Heidi Theiss
Virginia NDAA resolution passed (HB 1160)
Introduced by: Robert G. Marshall
Springfield Resolution introduced*
Tacoma Resolution introduced*
West Virginia NDAA resolution failed (HB 2218)
By delegates: C. Miller, Sobonya, Sumer, and Kump.

*all share the same source: