People of all political backgrounds agree that sections of the NDAA are unconstitutional. This is what people are saying about the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act:

“America is a nation based on equal treatment under the law; every individual deserves his or her day in court, regardless of the accusations.  Violating this core principle of freedom could easily lead us to repeat the tragic Japanese American internment camps.”

 California Assemblyman Tim Donelly


“In his inaugural address, President Obama called on us to ‘reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals.’  We agree. Now, to protect both, he must veto the National Defense Authorization Act.”

 Retired Four-Star Marine Generals Charles C. Krulack and Joseph P. Hoar


“This is supposed to be a nation of laws, not a nation of men we just really hope will make good decisions.”

 New York Times Editor Andrew Rosenthal



From the Right

“This is the kind of stuff that exists in Third World Banana Republics.”

  Radio Host Rush Limbaugh


From the Left:

“In short, what this bill does is, it takes a wrecking ball to the United States Constitution.”

– Congressman Dennis Kucinich